How to be a Romantic Wife

Women are wooed by jewelry. Men are wooed by power tools.

Though some men may come across as macho and manly, the other side of your man may love to be pampered. There are many ways to be a romantic wife. Whether cooking his favorite meal, walking around in a sexy piece of lingerie or just showing common courtesy, you can bring the romance back with your husband.

Revisit the spot at which you had your first date

Remember when you first started getting to know your husband and all those exciting dates you went on? Recapture that excitement. Talk about all the fun you had on that day so long ago and how much fun you’re having with him now. Do all of the things you did when you first started dating. Just simply refocusing on that initial spark that brought you together will make a huge difference in your relationship. Then, make sure to incorporate a date night into your weekly routine. A marriage is just like a fire. If you don’t tend to it regularly, like having regular date nights, then the flame will quickly die out.

Express yourself

Think back to the first time you said “I love you” to your husband. Men love to hear affirmative words just as much as women do. In addition, let your husband know how cute or strong you think he is. Thank him whenever he helps you get that item located on the top shelf or takes out the trash. It may sound like common sense, or not very romantic, but it’s surprising how often wives forget to say something nice to the men they love.

“Kidnap” your husband

As soon as he comes home from work, gently tie back his hands with one of his ties and place a blindfold over his eyes. Lead him to your car where you will drive him to the hotel where you have set up your romantic rendezvous. Prior to your arrival, decorate the room with candles and make sure the mini-fridge is stocked with his favorite alcoholic beverage plus snacks like strawberries, whipped cream and other finger foods.

Let him choose what to do

A man’s definition of romance is completely different than a woman’s. He may just simply want to do something he’s always wanted to do instead of all the couple-centric things married couples tend to do. Tell him to write down 5 different things he wants to do on 5 different pieces of paper. Fold the pieces of paper up, place them in a hat and mix them up. Let him pick a piece and read it out loud, then agree to do whatever it is together. Looking at power tools might not sound romantic but it may be the best thing you could ever do for him.

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